Online Shopping website

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Online Shopping Website

I am shivangi Rawat And have made this project for college students. 

If You want me to make this  whole shopping website look more beautiful and interactive so please contact me through my gmail id:-

[email protected]

but That will not be free of cost…

 thank you!!!

What is Online Shopping?

                The online shopping selling or enabling the sale of products or services to consumers.

How did Online Shopping come about?

  • Online shopping sites are emerged with the development or making of the internet.
  • Entrepreneurs people’s saw the potential in online shopping and sprung at the chance to make virtual storefronts which are online , so that consumers could shop without leaving their homes.

Requirements To Build The Whole ProjectSoftware Requirement(any one):    WAMP Server    XAMPP Server    MAMP Server    LAMP Server

    You can download thw hole source Code From here->

Installation Steps:   

 1. Download zip file and Unzip file the online shopping site on your local computer or server. 

 2. Put this file inside  c:/xampp/htdocs/  

3. Database Configuration:   

 4. Open phpmyadmin   

 5. Create Database named shop.   

 6. Import database shop.sql.   

 7. Open Your browser put inside URL: http://localhost/online_shopping/     

8. To Login as admin putinside URL: http://localhost/online_shopping/admin    9. Admin login details:

Login Id: admin

Password: shivangi123

For More Information, You can make interaction with me through my :->Instagram – @shivangi__rawat

gmail [email protected]


Video To Understand This Project properly

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