5 products for glowing skin

May 27, 2020 0 Comments

Tips for glowing skin which i used to glow my skin, As in day to day lifestyle. We all forgot to take care of our skin and then suffers from wrinkles, pimples and pigmentations..

So, Today i will tell you about 5 products that i used for my skin glow. This help me to reduce the Pigmentation of my skin as well help me to reduce my pimples.

Here is my 5 Products:

1. Lotus Scrub

Mostly i preffered to use the products of lotus company. The lotus scrub which help to exfoliate our skin properly and clean the tiny part of the skin. When ever you do makeup some makeup are left in the tiny pores of face . This exflioation process removes the dirt from the tiny products…

2. Facepack

The second part of the products is facepack. Which i usually used to clean the dirt and as well as it keep my skin in a balanced style. It helps me to keep my skin ever-ready for any party. When you put this in your face, you feel cool.. so make it a try…

3. Mask Serum

Third one is mask serum. This belongs to the garnier company and it gives me the fresh look in 10 minutes. By using it i can go for any party. I usually do it once in a week and find so many affects after using it. I mostly use the lemon serum because of my pigmentation. But believe me it help me to reduce the marks on my fac, it’s totally worthit. After putting the mask for 10 minutes i used to rub the exytra serum. Which is available in the packet with the mask and rub it around 10 more minutes, and then wash it with cold water.

4. Charcoal mask

fourth is charcoal mask , as you all know about the charcoal that it helps us to remove the balckheads of our face and make it clean. i usually purchase it from the moonstar company but you can purchase it anywhere you want , because charcoal behaves the same in all face, but always remember it make our skin heater.. so make it use of around 2 days in a week only.

5. Radiance Creme

The last one is the illuminating radiance creme, which i used regularly after the cleaning of my face , as it moisturize my skin hydrate it… it is very important to hyderate the skin of your with any cream…

So, Guys i am glad.. you have read my blog.. I am making my Youtube video soon and upload the link here so please, Stay tuned with me.. and checkout the weekly tips on my page.. Thank you!!

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