Top 10 Korean Beauty Secrets and Tips for Clear Flawless Skin

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Top 10 Korean Beauty Secrets and Tips for Clear Flawless Skin

Coming to the point, My friend goes to Gimpo mall, the mall which is full of beauty salons and spas. Koreans are very fond of looking great. They can spend a fortune, to look fabulous. They have such beautiful glowing skin all the time. I went for facials twice, and they were effective. After making a reluctant housewife my good friend, here are some korean beauty secrets that she had to offer:

Top Korean Skin Care Habits and Beauty Tips:

Top 10 korean tips for glowing skin

1..Koreans Use Frozen Milk Cubes
In Summer season , oily faced people can use it frequently. Freeze raw milk in ice tray. Apply the cubes on clean skin. You can apply as a cleanser and apply it on your face. Make Use of it in a room temperature

2..They Use Honey for Everything:
Yes, they do. In medicines, in ceremonies and in skin care treatments. Honey has cleansing properties. It acts as a perfect cleanser. Their womens apply raw honey on the face for exfoliation. It is a part of their beauty routine. A glass of Warm water with honey every morning cliché probably originated in Korea. Everyone drinks it every morning to clean their body and boost their immunity. It gives you a flawless glowing skin freed from acne and scars.

3..Use Top Notch Products Only

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Or Go for What Your Kitchen Has to Offer. One thing I loved about Korean that whatever ,they do with their obsession with perfection. They will not settle for mediocrity at any cost. In India, we have a brand for every class and the quality differs there as well. Adding icing on the cake is the fact that even ordinary skin care brands offer the best results.

4..Three Step Cleaning
Koreans must do cleaning, tonning and moisturizing to their skin almost every day. Clean with yoghurt/honey/milk, Tone with honey/rose water and moisturize with a face pack. Now, they have ready made face packs, which look like paper masks. These masks come in many flavors like, green tea, honey, grapes etc. Make it a part of your skin care regimen.

5..Low on Salt Diet
Koreans believe that salt in excess can kill anybody. This is an exaggeration. The salt is actually your friend or an enemy. Mostly depends on the how much are you taking the salt. It is said that if you avoid salt for a year and a mosquito ends up biting you, the mosquito will die immediately. It has to be best korean beauty secret I found .

6..Korean Beauties Eat fruits
Koreans eat a lot of fruits. Pears and Pineapples are found in abundance. Being a staunch vegetarian, I was skeptical of eating anything after I landed. I bought some Pineapple, ate, and waited for my brother to pick me. The best pineapple of my life was in my stomach. It actually helped me in getting rid of that sick feeling and after applying that juice on my face, I was ready for my Korean sojourn. You can find the best citrus fruits here. In India, always count on Oranges and Papaya for a similar experience.

7..They love to sleep
Korean women love to live a leisurely life. They do not compromise on their sleep for anything. Nine hours of sleep is just fine for their beauty regimen. So take 7 hr of sleep at night. Neither do I. This is one beauty secret from Korea I totally love.

8..Koreans prefer Less makeup
They apply minimal makeup. Try not to put too much makeup on your face They do not want to compromise with their flawless skin.

9..Using Skin Care Products
Korean beauties use night creams and under eye creams for sure. These creams should be devoid of chemicals. Girls living there apply the sea apply the mud as it is. They always recommended to use the sun screen with a high SPF content.

10..Korean Actresses like The Oil Secret
They always prefer oil to take off the makeup. You can use Coconut or Almond Oil. It is one among their age old skin care secrets.

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